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How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack as well all know is one of the most famous casino games that are available. Due to its popularity and extremely engaging nature, the game has successfully made its way in the digital world as well. Many people play blackjack online on several gaming websites. If you are someone who wants to play blackjack but doesn’t know the tips and tricks of blackjack, then you are at the right place.

Blackjack is a game of two cards, where the person have to reach the highest score of 21 with the total of two cards. If you have a higher number of cards you beat the dealer you win and if the dealer has higher number of cards, dealer wins.

How to Play Blackjack?

Playing blackjack online is exactly like playing blackjack in a casino, but the difference is that you would be playing with a computer generated dealer and the bets in most cases are artificial. First you need to select the stake and then click on the button that says EAL’. These stakes are the betting amounts that you would have to choose before starting the game. If you win you, you get this amount and if you lose then you lose the bet that you have made.

Once that’s done, the player will be dealt with 2 cards and for 2 cards for the dealer as well. One of the dealer’s cars would be dealt with its face up, showing the value of the card.

The whole game of blackjack is about the face value of the card thus the card which has a higher value would win. The value of a king and a queen is 10 and the value of a ace is either 1 or 11, depending on what you choose at that point of the game. Once your card is dealt then it’s upon you to either hit, stand or split.

What are the terminologies used?

We will share with you what these mean, these are few of the terminologies that a online game player should know about.

Hit means that once the initial cards have been dealt, you demand that more card should be dealt for you. This is if the total of the last two cards were low or if the dealer has a higher amount of their cards. This is to make sure that your total card value is closer to 21.

Another blackjack term is Stand, whenever the player feels that the cards that have been dealt by the dealer are a good number and the dealer won’t be able to break it or another card would make the value higher than 21, leading them to lose. The player asks to stand, this means no more cards would be dealt to the player.

If you dealt with two cards which have the same value then, you can ask to split them, this would be two different hands that you would be dealing with. These would be 2 hands for the player, the player would then be given two additional cards for those hands.

The player has the option to double their stakes if they have a higher value card like 9,10, 11. You can double your wager in exchange of card.

Whoever has the highest value in the end, wins the game.
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