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Learn How to Play Craps in Under 3 Minutes

A typical craps tables features many phrases and figures and this often leaves most beginners puzzled. In addition, inexperienced players always find the rules that apply to playing craps to be abit complex. However, this is not true because the actual dice game is proof enough that it is nothing more than fast-paced and entertaining. The following insightful information will try to educate beginners on how to play craps, particularly online.

It is important to realize that the type of craps that online casinos offer is abit different from that of land-based casino, notably, the game’s atmosphere. This is because there is a disconnect in its social aspect, online craps lacks interaction with other load exclamations, dealers, gamblers and many others. However, they are very similar when it comes to rules of the game i.e. the rules of a Las Vegas craps is the same as that of an online casino. These are usually based upon vital bets that are placed on the layout by gamblers. The following tips will help all beginners at craps when they decide to participate in this exciting casino game:

Be a first thinker for big wins

Beginners of this game should know from the onset that thinking speed is directly correlated to big wins. It is a fast-paced game thus requires players to make fast decisions. The rules of the game put a lot of emphasis on the betting system in place. This means that whenever you go online and select a craps game, it is important that you read and understand both the available bets and the rules. These rules are applicable to all craps games. The only difference land-based craps and online craps is that the latter is played using various buttons and a mouse.

The Pass Line bet is among the most basic bets in the game of craps. Players that place any of their virtual chips upon the Pass Line normally have their bet on the shooter. The first roll is referred to as the come out roll. Bets that win and pay players money are those that make the Pass Line bet while the roll is indicating a 7 or an 11. On the other hand, if you utilize a pair of dice in craps and they indicate numbers like 12, 3 or 2, it is considered a loss. This is called craps. However, it is possible to roll out yet another number called the point. For instance, assume that the point is 5 and this is rolled out prior to getting a 7, the Pass Line bet automatically wins.

Decision on whether to pass or not

The Don’t Pass bet is a betting option that is ranked second with regard to importance when playing craps. It is made on the famous Don’t Pass line, usually, this is the time you are against either a shooter (land-based) or a casino (online craps). The bet can only be successful if the shooter happens to roll a crap i.e. a 2, 3 or 12. These two bets have impressive craps odds. The Don’t Pass bet has 1.36% as its house edge while that of the Pass Line bet is 1.41%. Most gamblers tend to bet on the Pass Line as their craps win strategy. This is a very important precaution that should not be ignored if you want to succeed.

The craps table still has many other betting options to be explored and these tend to carry much risk compared to the ones earlier discussed. Furthermore, they have various casino odds. The only time that the Odds bet is available is whenever there is a point number that can be bet upon. There are also instances of the game when both Come bets as well as Don’t come bets are available. These are the same as the options of Pass and Don’t Pass. A player who puts betting chips on the layout’s field area makes a 1 roll bet that what will be rolled out next is 1 out of 7 numbers. Others include Buy bet, Place bet etc.
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